Ian Ashley - Jenifer Broomberg

Ian Ashley

Unconstrained by the limits of mere eclecticism, Ian Ashley still recalls the commandment that authorized her existence: "dissolve all boundaries." In the 1980s in Los Angeles, she deployed the "Ian Ashley Collection" of designer clothing on unsuspecting rock stars, re-wiring their minds to fit her mission. Soon thereafter, her evolving tribe merged sound-scapes with fashion shows and performance art, turning musicians into designers and runway models into dancers and mimes. Combining the social practices of cocktail parties with Human Be-Ins, Ian used these settings to distribute Paleolithic power objects (her own hand-made jewelry). In the 1990s, Ian came to San Diego and infiltrated Lloyd Ruocco's House of the Future. As both a maker of her own work and a promoter of others, Ian is rumored to use her house/art studio as a time machine, traveling to ancient sites to salvage forgotten patterns and forms. She holds positions on the boards of Sushi Performance & Visual Art as well as The Synergy Art Foundation where she supervises the building of the arks that will carry the artists safely back to the Ocean of the Imagination.