Patricia Bean

Patricia Bean photographs the world she knows and understands. As personal as many of her images are, they always remain emotionally recognizable and accessible to the viewer. What makes Bean's work so special is everything that makes creating her photographs possible: upbringing, imagination, curiosity, passion, technical creativity, artistic knowledge, a good eye, and a lifelong dedication to achieving quality images. Her proficient use of Photoshop has transformed her traditional wet darkroom skills to the next level in her art and in her portraits. Bean says "Without the expression and documentation of my personal journey, I would have been empty. Without having created the inspired images I would not have gained self-worth. Without the technical challenges of photography, I would not have found inner strength. Without an understanding of light and the interplay between nature, the camera, and me I would not have seen the intricate beauty of my surroundings." Bean's work has received awards, has been published and is shown in juried exhibits and galleries. She is a commercial photographer and teaches the art and skills of photography.

Constance Y. White - Patty Bean