Jenifer Broomberg

Jenifer Broomberg is a representational artist who communicates powerful emotion through her work. She is both a painter and sculptor, commenting on the human experience, beauty and emotion. Born and raised in South Africa, she studied art from a very young age, later majoring in art in high school and studying with the renowned South African artist, Bill Ainslee. She immigrated to the United States at the age of 22 where she continued her art education at the University of Houston and the Glassel School of Art in Houston and began exhibiting her art and teaching. She has taught art for several years both privately and at a San Diego School of Music and Art where she held the position of Art Director. She also holds position as Honorary Board Member of the La Jolla Art Festival. She has juried several art competitions including the Congressional Art Caucus for the House of Representatives and panel review critiques for senior art exhibitions for graduating college students. She has exhibited her work extensively and has been represented by several galleries in California, Texas and on the East Coast as well for the past 20 years.

Ian Ashley - Jenifer Broomberg