Stuart Burton

A native of San Diego, Stuart Burton obtained his B.A in Fine Art in Painting and Printmaking from San Diego State University in 1977. Stuart has devoted his life to the pursuit of making, promoting and teaching art. He has had over 26 solo shows and his works have been included in more than 60 group exhibitions. Since 1980, Stuart has been using the landscape as his primary subject for exploring color, light, and texture in painting. His latest work, a series of portraits of friends and family, is a return to his roots as a figurative painter. Stuart's involvement in art promotion has included owning Rogue Graphics and Stiff Springer Gallery, participation as a member of the Board of Directors for various art institutions, and membership in numerous art associations. Since 1998, he has devoted much of his time as a founder and Director of Fine Art of the Art Academy of San Diego.

Doug Simay - Stuart Burton