Alberto Caro

As Studio Arts Director for the The New Children’s Museum SD, Alberto Caro brings a certain amount of childlike glee and humor to his work, but there is a serious under currents of political content. Caro (b. Mexicali, Mexico, 1968) lives and works in both Tijuana and San Diego. He is a graphic designer, glass worker, sculptor, and painter. Caro has specialized in site specific installation and been involved with inSITE for a number of years. Community involvement and using the city as a laboratory for art development are distinctive qualities of Caro’s art. The artist’s work has been exhibited at Design Worlds, The New Children’s Museum, San Diego; Forms of Resistance: Corridors of Power, Centro Cultural de la Raza; inSITE97; inSITE2000; Artists Choose Artists, The Frame Maker, San Diego; Urban Tree I 2003, SD; Feria Mundial de Ideas para la Paz Habitat II, Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto Jovellanos de Gijon, Spain; CEDLA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and Galleria Garage, Mexico City among others. Alberto Caro has additionally organized many projects with the Border Arts workshop/Taller de Arte Fronterizo. He has received several awards for his work, including the International Peace and Cooperation Prize, commemorating the 50th year of UNICEF.

Ernest Silva - Alberto Caro