Cynthia Colis

Born in Saigon, Vietnam, Colis's family settled in the Philip#990000pines. In the early 1980s, she migrated to Louisiana. Cynthia's father would work at night on his paintings while she provided him company at his easel. She attended the University of Southwest Louisiana (BFA Advertising Design). She also studied oil painting under Carl Groh and Greg Kreutz. In September 2001, Cynthia made San Diego her home. In 2004, she completed many courses at The Florence Academy of Art. Founded in 1991 by Daniel Graves, the Academy provided her with instruction in classical drawing and painting based on the philosophy of returning to discipline in art, to principles of beauty, and to the examination of the natural world and the Old Masters. Although, Colis's style was born from the simplicity and soulfulness of southern living, she has always maintained a profound enthusiasm and respect for the old masters.

Liz Edwards - Cynthia Colis