Max Dolberg

Max Dolberg has been using a camera to document the world around him since childhood. As a teenager, he began aiming his lens at the skateboarders and punk rockers he hung out with, resulting in his first published work. Dolberg never stopped. His photography continues to be driven by curiosity, exploration, and a desire to tell stories. Max Dolberg has made pictures for clients including: Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, EA Games, Forbes, Red Bull, Psychology Today, and Sector 9 Skateboards. In addition to Max's editorial and commercial work, he photographed two books that dug deeply into the subject of tattooing. The 200+ page Full Coverage (2006 and two years in the making) involved traveling across the United States, photographing the clients of artists from The NS Kolective as they submitted to having their entire back and upper legs tattooed in the Japanese bushido style resulting in thirty-three completed tattoos. The art show that this produced traveled to both American coasts as well as Japan. Dolberg's second book, Bloodwork:Sleeves, was released in October of 2009 with art shows in San Jose, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. This second effort features over fifty full arm "sleeve" tattoos by a cross section of the most renowned living tattooist from across the globe. Max is based in Encinitas California.

Jerry Waddle - Max Dolberg