Liz Edwards - Cynthia Colis

Liz Edwards: Founder and Director of LetsPlayDowntown

Liz Edwards brings everything from arts and culture, to fashion and nightlife right to your computer screen. Founded nearly fours years ago, LetsPlayDowntown is the first in advanced multimedia coverage in San Diego, providing marketing, media placement, and positive PR to businesses and events in San Diego. Edwards saw a need in the community to bring multi-media placement to the arts as this is a wonderful way of highlighting artists on the Internet. Now newsletters can come alive with the links from their sites. Guests can see themselves live on,, and of course, "I like to promote our city," says Liz, "It has some wonderful things I like to share with other people." Liz sees herself as an ambassador for the various venues at which she has interviewed, and they're numerous. In a nutshell, Liz sums up our city like this: "We've got the weather: we've got the art: we've got the culture. We've got it all!"

Question #1 What is your highlight Visual art experience from the last year?

#1 "Some of my highlights this year have been attending Art Basel, Scope and meeting Timothy Hunt of the Andy Warhol Foundation. This year during Art Basel, Barnaby Ruhe painted my portrait while I interviewed him. It was amazing. He captured my true essence. Barnaby then gifted the painting to me, and it sits in my living room. Being nominated and then receiving the Lamplighter Award for the Favorite Professional Service Provider last year was a highlight. This year being asked to participate in the Movers and Shakers is an honor. I love to be around people and see the artist in everyone."

Question #2 What is your vision of the future of the Visual arts for San Diego?

#2 "I am hoping that with my current efforts of filming and interviewing at art events, I am enhancing the visual arts. With the new area that I have added to LetsPlayDowntown with Rob Appel we will be able to make the Visual Arts even more appealing to a great audience. I am planning to have my own events bi-monthly with both visual arts and fashion, bringing like-minded people together and showcasing our local talents. Of course, we will be filming these events, and streaming the video with all my media partners."