Raymond Ellstad

Photographer Raymond Ellstad was born under a rusty sign on the Island of Staten, in New York, which is actually the borough of Richmond, so you might and could say that he is from New York, New York. This was on a brain cloudy day in 1946. He has lived a desultory life, the aspect germane to our quest of discovering the where ness of his art breath, is that he attended the Pacific Northwest College of Art (then known as the Museum Art School), and the Oregon School of Arts and Crafts, both of which are in Portland, Oregon. Raymond is an adjunct professor of photography at Palomar College in San Marcos, CA. He thinks that ART is more than a man's name. In him resides a major talent with a middle brow mind. He loves run on sentences in the third person, Rosemary KimBal and golf in the company of men. His portrait of Mary-Catherine Ferguson is a mosaic compiled of 30 distinct individual photographs in front of works by San Diego artist Raul Guerrero.

Mary-Catherine Ferguson - Raymond Ellstad