Mary-Catherine Ferguson - Raymond Ellstad

Mary-Catherine Ferguson: Museum Director, California Center for the Arts, Escondido

Mary-Catherine Ferguson holds an MFA in poetry from Arizona State University and an MA in Art History/Museum Studies from the University of Southern California. From 1997-2005, Mary-Catherine worked as an adjunct instructor teaching English composition, poetry, and art history survey courses at a variety of institutions including Arizona State University, the University of Southern California, and the Art Institute of California, San Diego. She became Museum Director at CCAE in January of 2005.

Question #1 What is your highlight Visual art experience from the last year?

#1 "The most exciting and inspiring visual arts event to happen to me in 2007-2008 was the creation of the exhibition 'Innocence is Questionable.' The artistic talent of Jean Lowe, Raul Guerrero, Ernest Silva, Yvonne Venegas, Iana Quesnell, and May-Ling Martinez is phenomenal. The access they gave me to their world, work, and living was remarkable. Their work makes San Diego a better place to live."

Question #2 What is your vision of the future of the Visual arts for San Diego?

#2 "Endow each visual arts institution with more money to ease the challenges of getting the word out there and making it stick. In the end, I would try and ease all money challenges so that artists and arts organizations could do what they do best-create!"