Mary Fleener

Mary Fleener was born in LA when smog was at an all time high, Hollywood was still glamorous, and every woman's ambition was to own a mink coat. Although she attended Cal State University at Long Beach and majored in Printmaking, she considers herself self taught. Influenced by Robert Crumb and Mad Magazine, she authored Life of the Party (1994). This book has been translated into German and the Spanish edition will be out this year. Fleener's illustration work has been widely used including the Village Voice and SD Reader. Her paintings are mainly shown in southern California galleries including those on velvet, that which we all consider the King of Kitsch, but which also makes her color and "cubismo" style of drawing even more dramatic, Fleener also constructs hand built ceramics and wheel thrown functional pieces that she glazes and fire in her own kiln at her home in Encinitas.

Gustaf Rooth - Mary Fleener