Dave Ghilarducci & Cindy Bis-Sevon

Dave Ghilarducci's pieces are meant to be playful and invoke a sense of childlike wonder. His search is to find and represent the subtle changes in the movements that are more representative of the person we truly are. This creates a portrait of how the subject is, not just how they appear to be. The goal of his artwork is to show the interaction of working, playing and living together and the simple beauties of life that come from those interactions. Ghilarducci has shown his work in venues in La Jolla's MOCA and several local galleries. He has corporate clients in the US and has several international collectors.

Cindy Bis-Sevon strives to find the underlying truth within all. She wishes to capture this truth and share it with the viewer. This truth is as simple as a shadow following the movements of the person casting it. The shadow isn't needed for the person to be complete, yet the picture is completed by its presence. It is pure, without judgment. This is what she seeks to represent, the simple and the sublime, things you look past every day as part of the overall. They are there and, lacking them, the viewer is displaced. With these details, the obscure and the subtle become lucid. She does this to share what she views as truth and vision with others. Bis-Sevon has shown her installation pieces in San Diego galleries and creates commissioned pieces for individuals as well as corporations.

Laurie Brindle, Laura Groch, Pam Kragen, & Gary Warth - Dave Ghilarducci & Cindy Bis-Sevon