Will Gibson

Will Gibson (born 1950, Alhambra, CA) turned his passion for photography into his profession in 1980, operating his own commercial studio in San Marcos, CA. Since 1999, he has focused his efforts on fine art in art fairs, winning honors in Delaware and Willoughby, OH and Florence, Alabama most recently "Award of Distinction" at the Boardwalk in Virginia Beach (2003). His one man show "Alhambra Farewell," inaugurated the Photographer's Gallery in Calumet Camera in Escondido in 2003. Early influences for Gibson include Ansel Adams, Edward and Brett Weston and the host of Life photographers who came into his home with that magazine. A firm believer in learning by doing, he has studied in workshops by Larry Ford, Al Weber, and John Sexton. He was an artist-in-residence at Rocky Mountain National Park in 1993. Gibson has exhibited in many group and one-man shows in California. His work resides in private and public collections including Kaiser Electro-Optical and the Pritikin Institute. He has taught photography at the Columbus College of Art & Design. He now teaches photography (digital and conventional) as an adjunct instructor at Palomar Community College in San Marcos. He currently leads the PhotoArts Group founded by Peter Gorwin and based in Escondido which has organized and produced 8 group photographic exhibitions and a workshop in the last 2 years in San Diego County.

Abraham P. Ordover - Will Gibson