Brian Goeltzenleuchter

Brian Goeltzenleuchter's art practice infuses interdisciplinary research into the creation of designed environments, scripted and improvised performances, olfactory art, and multimedia presentations. The locus of his practice is the Contraposto Home Decor Company, a socially engaged, interdisciplinary artwork that takes the form of a legitimate business. The company uses its equivocal status as a home decorations boutique and a temporal artwork to initiate a lively, ironic, interactive critique of cultural distribution in the marketplace. While remaining very visual, the project opens theoretical questions about the role of criticism, museums, academies, journals and web sites in the attribution of cultural, historical and economic value to "art" objects. Brian received his MFA from the University of California San Diego. His work has been shown in the US and abroad including: The Banff Centre, Canada, Centrum Beeldende Kunst, Netherlands, Seattle's Center of Contemporary Art, and various university art museums.

Teri Sowell - Brian Goeltzenleuchter