Michèle Guieu

Originally from Marseille, France, Michèle Guieu lives and makes art in San Diego. Her many travels, years living in Senegal, a father geologist and a mother biologist, and a continued interest in world and political events, has only been matched by her insatiable curiosity and unbridled passion for art. It has made for a body of work un-characteristically pure, filtered, and highly astute in its ability to transform a visual vocabulary into essential language that reflects our personal and collective hardships and joys. Guieu worked as a graphic designer with the political group Grapus and obtained a Masters Degree in Visual Communication from the ENSAD in Paris. Her work has been shown in Paris, Copenhagen, Le Mans and San Diego. She had a solo exhibition at the San Diego Art Institute. She is one of the emerging artists nominated for the 2009 SD Art Prize

Lynn Susholtz - Michèle Guieu