Mollie Kellogg - Petyr Cirino

Mollie Kellogg: Artist & Coordinator, UU Art Guild and Bard Hall Gallery

Mollie Kellogg co-founded Planet Earth Theatre Gallery Phoenix/Seattle in the '90's and, since 2004, coordinates the First Unitarian Universalist Art Guild monthly discussions and Bard Hall Gallery exhibits. The UU Art Guild of First Church of San Diego promotes the work and enrichment of San Diego regional artists. Bard Hall, located on the campus of 1st UU San Diego, provides a spacious venue for the displays of artwork. Artists' receptions are held 6:30-7:30pm followed by discussion 7:30-9pm on the third Tuesday of the month. Kellogg created the reception/discussion format to encourage artists to support and learn from one another.

What is your vision of the future of the Visual arts for San Diego?

"Every opportunity I have had in the art community, locally/internationally, can be traced back to personal relationships developed either one-on-one or online. I envision movers-n-shakers and artists joining forces to help pull one another up - achieving more together than apart. I believe thriving requires marketing San Diego art outside of San Diego."