Lisa Smith

An artist her entire life, Lisa Smith's craving for creative outlet never diminishes. Complacent is not in her vocabulary. She is always stretching the boundaries of her repertoire and vision. Since early childhood, Smith has been creatively independent and a little defiant. She likes to make up the rules as she goes along; to discover the adventure in the process. Smith studied fine art and Illustration and has a strong sense for the conceptual. Her artistic influences include the 19th century Symbolists, Surrealists, Pre-Raphaelites, and Expressionists. She finds inspiration in archaeology, exploring, making up mysteries, finding treasure objects and creative motion picture lighting. In inanimate objects she sees life and story; symbolism, mystery and metaphor. Returning to her childlike fascination of "making stuff", some of her work is evolving into assemblage and multi-media, incorporating photography as one of the elements. This new work allows Smith the messy tactile hand-built expression she has always been drawn to and she says, "It's rewarding to struggle with a piece, both physically and mentally... to work out what the piece wants to say." Her images reflect the surreal in everyday reality.

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Mario Torero & Steven Churchill - Lisa Smith