Mark-Elliot Lugo - Herb Olds

Mark-Elliot Lugo: Library Curator, San Diego Public Library, San Diego Public Library/Visual Arts Program

Mark-Elliott Lugo is the curator for the San Diego Public Library system. In 1997 he founded the Library's Visual Arts Program whose mission is to demonstrate the Library's role as a cultural institution embracing a broad range of disciplines, while assisting San Diego's mid-career and older professional artists in achieving wider local, regional, and national attention. Lugo has curated more than one hundred exhibitions for the Library. Other responsibilities include building the Library's Permanent Collection of Art; writing, hosting, and co-producing an artist interview television program airing on CityTV 24; and encouraging art market and scholarly interest in San Diego's artists.

What is your vision of the future of the Visual arts for San Diego?

"For many years, San Diego's serious contemporary artists have been hindered by the lack of a viable commercial gallery scene and tepid support from the city's major art institutions. Unorthodox approaches and creative thinking are the only solution. As the future unfolds and formal gallery spaces are incorporated into new library buildings across the city, an expanding Visual Arts Program will continue as a potent force in bringing recognition to the city's artists. The Library's expertise in information technology and its clout as a city government department will further enhance this mission."