Mary-Margaret Mitchell

From mosaics to murals, costuming to carpentry; Mary-Margaret is quite the "Jane of all trades". She is opportunistic, utilizing and celebrating the medium at hand. Painting comes as second nature, yet she consistently gravitates towards found-object assemblages. She received her BFA from the University of Illinois where she explored sculpture, multi-media installation and performance art. Recently, she co-founded Zirk Ubu, an experimental-theater-Circus-collective, where she performs in a multitude of character roles, designs staging and props as well as delights in the collaborative process of writing and directing. Mary-Margaret has an interior arts business, Pinch Me Designs, specializing in murals and creative designs solutions. She is a busy-bee who believes in art is as vital as breath and is a proud board member of Synergy Art Foundation.

Paul Vauchelet - Mary-Margaret Mitchell