Ron Newby - Becky Guttin

Ron Newby: Curator, The Bronowski Art & Science Forum

Ron Newby is the creator and curator of The Bronowski Art & Science Forum a crucible to explore the commonalities of Art and of Science: Creativity, Elegance and the Sublime. The Forum honors the legacy of Jacob Bronowski a world recognized polymath, philosopher and humanist and founding Fellow of The Salk Institute. A biologist and an artist, Ron Newby continues this legacy with a continuing dialogue of artists and scientists within the incredible crucible of The Salk Institute. With over 100 presentations spanning ten years, The Forum has hosted with nationally and internationally recognized artists and scientists.

What is your vision of the future of the Visual arts for San Diego?

"The Salk Institute, a world renowned biological research facility housed in an iconic edifice, is an ideal forum to host and showcase San Diego artists, a tribute to the vision of Jonas Salk and Jacob Bronowski."