Skip Pahl - Michael Gross

Skip Pahl: Director, Oceanside Museum of Art.

Skip Pahl has used his creative powers and perceptive nature and honed his ambitions all in the aid of the Oceanside Museum of Art. The museum has gone from strength to strength under his directorship and has already completed part one of its expansion program. His intuition and tenacity will guide that institution through economically difficult times. A private person, Mr. Pahl still enjoys people and the social aspect of the museum world. The museum presents provocative, contemporary exhibitions from the region and around the world and showcase the finest art of the Southern California region from landscape paintings to studio furniture, neon sculpture, art quilts, and architectural glass. Pahl was an early director of the Children's Museum of San Diego from 1987-1992 and held positions at the SDMA, the Mingei and the Museum of New Mexico in Santa Fe.

What is your vision of the future of the Visual arts for San Diego?

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