Gail Roberts

For eighteen years Gail Roberts lived in a rural community north of San Diego. The landscape was a significant source of inspiration for her work and she absorbed and interpreted the conditions that continued to alter the terrain over a period of time. Her paintings reflected changes in light, weather, time, seasons, natural catastrophes, and urban development. Two years ago, because of the encroachment of urban development, which adversely affected her commute, she moved back into the city. The impact of this decision has directly affected the content of her work. New work explores a range of concepts in response to the compromised and troubled relationship to nature in today's fast-paced culture. Roberts' work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and critically reviewed in publications including Art in America, New Art Examiner, and Modern Painters. She has received numerous awards including a California Arts Council Fellowship, Alfred and Trafford Klotts Fellowship Residency in France, and Julia and David White Fellowship Residency in Costa Rica. Gail Roberts received her BFA and MA at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque and is currently a Professor of Art at San Diego State University. She is represented by Luis de Jesus Seminal Projects in San Diego, CA. The portrait in the exhibition takes a more personal view of her friend and colleague, Tina Yapelli, Director of the University Gallery at San Diego State University, posing with her dog Stella.

Tina Yapelli - Gail Roberts