Alexandra Rosa - Jamie Roxx

Alexandra Rosa: Co-Producer ArtRocks! Internet radio and SDVAN RAW Columnist

Alexandra began her career endeavors in Corporate America. A graduate from SDSU with a BA in Business, she cultivated her skills to become a Wall Street Analyst. After heading several companies, Alexandra funneled her talent and energy into the World of Television Broadcast as a show host of the TV Show 'Art Now'. While working with the show, Rosa was introduced to Wild Philly Swendoza and they formed an partnership with Art Rocks, a show showcasing Local artists, Fashion expose, and entertainment. Rosa also writes a monthly column called, 'RAW' - Real Art West for the San Diego Visual Arts Network as 'Ally Bling-Bling.'

Question #1 What is your highlight Visual art experience from the last year?

#1 "With everything on the art scene being so lively and alluring, it is hard to choose a single highlight from the past 12 months. I would have to say that I had a blast featuring the famous fashion connoisseur, Zandra Rhodes, on ArtRocks! Radio. Straight out of London, Zandra integrates bright colors, funky textiles and fun textures. Known for working with the royal, the rich and the radical, Zandra's collections and work is one-of-a-kind!"

Question #2 What is your vision of the future of the Visual arts for San Diego?

#2 "It is no wonder that San Diego is a melting pot for art and culture. With its sandy beaches and amazing weather, it's easy to attract people and artists from around the world. But if I could do anything to enhance San Diego's wonderful art community, it would be to raise more cultural awareness of the awesome artists and opportunities that surround this city. My radio show, Art Rocks!, supports and introduces some of the greatest and most talented people. Whether it's someone who is an art fanatic or a person who just wants to dip their feet in the pool of visual arts, my greatest hope is to make this available to everyone."