Jamie Roxx

Jamie Roxx calls his style "Pop Noir" which he takes from his pop art, musical, artistic, and cinematic influences, which inspire his work. Roxx started out in Detroit Michigan, where the hard edge and grittiness seemed to seep into his paintings like gray water. He obtained a masters degree in Fine Art Painting from the University Massachusetts' "Boston Fine Art Program". Roxx's images range from classic cinematic icons to the commercial products of his world. Roxx also takes inspiration in the emotions, character traits, and stories of those with which he surrounds himself. The Rock Museum of Munich purchased his rendition of The Beatles titled Fab Four, which is one of the Museum's signature pieces. In 2002, The Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland acquired a similar work. That same year The Centre de Pompidou, Paris purchased one of his signature Marilyn Monroe paintings, establishing the young artist as a contemporary master of the Pop Art genre. He also has an extensive track record in the commercial art world creating CD covers and having work used in commercials.

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Philly Joe Swendoza & Alexandra Rosa- Jamie Roxx