Sharon Gorevitz, Steven Nossan & Claire Slattery - Mirielle Des Rosier

Sharon Gorevitz: Producer, Talmadge Art Show and Corporate Development Executive, KPBS

Sharon Gorevitz began her art collection at the age of 14 with her the purchase of an acrylic sculpture by a Boston artist. Through the years, her collection has grown to include works on paper, paintings, ceramics, recycled art, jewelry and more. In 1990, after discovering a number of San Diego artists who did not have gallery representation, she started an art show with 4 artists. The Talmadge Art Show has grown to 4 shows a year and includes over 200 artists from San Diego to San Ysidro; Temecula to Tuscon; Laguna to La Mesa! And in 1998, with her knowledge of the local Visual Arts Community, she created a partnership between KPBS and COVA/SDAI to showcase Visual Arts organizations in San Diego. For over 10 years, these organizations have been promoting visual art shows on radio, TV and the web.

What is your vision of the future of the Visual arts for San Diego?

"I think that the future is very bright for visual arts in San Diego as we continue to promote shows and bring artists and buyers together. Artists need recognition and locations to sell their work and buyers want more education about art and collecting. This can happen with more local or community art shows, collaboration among artists, galleries and buyers, as well as the involvement of the media."

Steven Nossan: Director, Front Porch Gallery

Born in New York City and influenced by 20th century urban America and 14th century medieval Europe, Steven's eclectic background in archeology, anthropology, history, art and design were perfect training for the unnerving moving and shaking he does today. Working in the arts since 1979 he bridges the agenda gaps between the public and private sectors, foundations and artists to create something out of nothing. Directing the Front Porch Gallery since 2002 he has curated traveling, theme, juried, intergenerational and partnering exhibits to make this community resource a viable and permanent venue. He is also founder and creative director of Studio Masern a conceptual art studio using "context" to remember and reunite, personally and globally, what has been dismembered.

What is your vision of the future of the Visual arts for San Diego?

"We need to constantly reinforce the idea that art creates community at every level of ability and experience to express, share and learn about the physical, mental and spiritual journey we all must travel. San Diego has the potential to become an international arts resource and destination by employing education, the internet and exhibition opportunities to positively partner and professionally promote artists and organizations world-wide."

Claire Slattery: Vice Chair, Board of Directors, San Diego Art Institute (SDAI)

Claire Slattery is Vice Chair of the San Diego Art Institute (SDAI) Board of Directors and also coordinates the KPBS Visual Arts Brief for COVA@SDAI. Claire was on the Board of COVA (Combined Organizations for the Visual Arts) before its merger with SDAI in January 2005. Claire has been interested in art her entire adult life, as both an admirer and collector. She was a regular visitor to New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art when she worked in that city in the 1970s and 1980s. Since moving to the San Diego area in 1986, she has assisted artists as a personal administrator and collector.

What is your vision of the future of the Visual arts for San Diego?

"We need to promote the fact that the San Diego region has many very talented artists who deserve a respectable price for their work. We need to strive to increase the venues available to artists. I hope that an art "zone" will emerge to serve as a magnet to residents and tourists alike."