Doug Snider & Chris Brown

Doug Snider has a passion for the integration of art and architecture in the rapidly developing city of San Diego. He attended the University of Hawaii at Manoa (MFA). He was artist in residence at Kohler in the Arts/ Industry Program in Wisconsin. His experience working with teams grew in this environment including collaborating with engineers, factory workers (slip casters), mold makers, kiln and glaze technicians, designers, and photographers. He has given many demonstrations and lectures. Snider has his work permanently installed at the Kohler Design Center in Kohler, Wisconsin and the Kohler Museum in Sheboygan. Nestlé's Worldwide Research and Development Headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland enjoys some of his work as well as the Children's Museum in Milwaukee. Snider participated in the Urban Tree project developed by the Port of San Diego for the past few years. With a rich background as a southern Californian artist growing up in Laguna Beach and having lived in San Diego on and off for the past fifteen years, Doug Snider's work emanates the aura of our colorful city and the dynamic unique culture that we live in.

Chris Brown is a professional artist with interests in a wide range of expressive outlets. Chris is committed to art, both as an expression of beauty and an avenue for healing. Growing up outside of New York City in the 1970's, Chris was influenced by his parent's passionate study of experiential psychology, spiritual gurus, and yogic practices. Chris received an MFA at the University of Hawaii, where he developed an interest in native Hawaii culture and historic social issues of the islands. Chris also holds a Masters degree in Social Work from University of Denver. He combines his interest in social work with his love of art to explore and develop external expressions of internal understanding, spiritual experience, and social justice.

Nate & Ralyn Wolfstein- Doug Snider & Chris Brown