Cheryl Sorg

Cheryl Sorg is a booklover, and her love of literature manifests itself in an obsessive cut-and-paste process in which she takes books, dissembles them line by line, and re-configures the snippets of text with clear tape into a variety of forms large and small inspired by the themes and imagery within their stories. Her current focus is on an awareness-and fund-raising campaign she is developing, using art to help in the fight to end sex trafficking. The thumbprint portraits, like those featured here, play a central role. Information about the project can be found on her web site. Sorg's work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in numerous galleries and museums, including Work Space in NYC, The Copley Society of Art and The Photographic Resource Center in Boston and the San Diego Art Institute and the Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego. In 2009 she exhibited her work in solo exhibitions at the Encinitas Public Library and the Eric Phleger Gallery, and group shows at the Long Beach Museum of Art and the Torrance Art Museum. Her work is included in the esteemed Allan Chasanoff Bookworks Collection in NYC, and is referenced in an essay entitled 'Creating Icons: Melville in Visual Media and Popular Culture' in the book A Companion to Herman Melville. Cheryl Sorg received a B.F.A. from the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, Massachusetts. She lives in Encinitas, California with her husband Xavier, and their children Hugo and Esmé.

Angela Carone - Cheryl Sorg