Jennifer Spencer - Suda House

Jennifer Spencer: Portrait with Suda House

Jennifer Spencer returned to her art and fell in love with photography as an expressive media. As director of COVA for 13 years until 2001, she initiated a number of programs, most notably the Open Studios that put COVA on the cultural map of San Diego. Jennifer also fostered the development of relationships with business, such as the partnership with KPBS/TV and other arts organizations that brought more attention to the working artist and their organizations. Spencer feels that it was a privilege to have served as the director of COVA for those many years, nurturing and encouraging programs to promote the art and artists in the community. Since then she has devoted her time to her art photography.

What is your vision of the future of the Visual arts for San Diego?

"I see the San Diego art community as a living organism, continually growing, changing, and expanding. It morphs and fills the crevices of our community enriching the lives of all it touches. Like any living organism, the arts need to be fed and nurtured to thrive. The multitude of non-profit arts organizations, from the largest museums to the smallest dance troupes, supports and nurtures the artistic soul of our region. These non-profits are the vital glue that holds an art community together."