Lynn Susholtz - Michèle Guieu

Lynn Susholtz: Owner, Stone Paper Scissors and Art Produce Gallery

Lynn Susholtz owns the public art and education company, Stone Paper Scissors, known for local award winning projects including the Vermont Street Pedestrian Bridge and the North Park Community Park Playground. She is the owner/director of ART Produce Gallery a storefront gallery entirely visible from the sidewalk and designed to accommodate sculptural installations, cross-disciplinary works, digital media, and performance events. The space allows for unconventional presentation opportunities for artists and unexpected art encounters for viewers. Susholtz is an arts educator who teaches throughout the county in schools, cultural centers and at her studio. Classes range from multi-media after-school classes for children, to arts education workshops for teachers, to lecturing and collaborating with local colleges and universities on art in public spaces. Susholtz has been a California Arts Council, Artist in Residence, and is an arts education consultant for UCSD's Education Studies Department and the San Diego Unified School District. Her sculptures and paintings have recently been in solo and group exhibits in various venues in San Diego and Victoria, B.C. She was selected the State Assembly District 39 representative for the "California Contemporary Artists 2007" exhibit at the State Capitol in Sacramento.

What is your vision of the future of the Visual arts for San Diego?

"In North Park for 20 years, Susholtz has been living and working as a community artist to advocate for increased access to educational, cultural and environmental resources. Stone Paper Scissors seeks to integrate a community voice and vision into the cultural and physical landscape through art and education. Art Produce Gallery is a neighborhood redevelopment initiative intended to enliven the experience of the pedestrian it is an experiment in public art that is accessible to everyone - an attempt to render visibility and transparency into the art process itself."