Cheryl Tall

Born in New Jersey, Cheryl Tall grew up in Florida. She studied at University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL, BFA, l974, and at University of Miami, MFA, 1995. Her primary medium is clay but she also works with mixed media, oil and acrylic painting, and printmaking. Her coil built ceramic sculptures, ranging from ten inches to six feet are then painted with impressionistic applications of glazes. She uses terra sigillata which is a special kind of polychrome slip also used by Native American potters and early Greek potters. The highly textured finger marks, which resemble shingles or scales, are a hallmark of her sculpture. Tall's work focuses on the relationships between people and their environment, especially their homes or workplaces. Her subject matter often includes architectural and figurative elements and is influenced by Surrealism, Expressionism, Pop and Funk Art, 11th Century Medieval art, folk art, mythology and Primitive Art. Influential artists include Robert Arneson, Andy Goldsworthy, Viola Frey, Adrian Arleo, Paul Klee, Giorgio De Chirico, Oskar Kokoschka and Giselbertus. Tall has taught at colleges, and gives national workshops. Her work has been widely published and she has won numerous awards. Her present studio is in Leucadia, CA, where she creates her large-scale sculpture and teaches private clay classes. The summer of 2008, she was awarded an Artist's Residency at the International Ceramics Center in Hungary.

Sandra Chanis L. - Cheryl Tall