Brian Weisz

Brian Weisz, an artist with more patience than the ketchup bottle in your refrigerator. Born in the spring of 1985 at the Mission Viejo hospital, Weisz was raised in southern California spending most of his childhood drawing cartoons and caricatures of family and friends. In adolescence this birthed his interest in art. Brian began painting in May 2007, and since then has dedicated his life to his wife and his art. In the present day, he has established himself in the heart of Encinitas, CA by climbing the ladder to a managerial position at Rhino Art Co. and attending a brilliant school, Studio2ndStreet, where he is instructed by Vanessa and Ron Lemen. This young painter is on a spiritual quest in finding and losing himself through a lifetime of honing his craft. Throughout his journey, Weisz intends to encapsulate his childlike wonder, at the same time, savor the sheer enjoyment and self gratitude he gains from the creative act.

Kathy Rusbeha - Brian Weisz