Jim Yuransky

In 1995, Yuransky galvanized a timely new aesthetic balance between the material, technological and virtual world's that co-exist in today's information age…thus Zedism* was born. The artist decided definitively to pursue art as the main focus of his life's work at the age of five. With no formal art training but to gain important perspective, he pursued studies in science and engineering as pre-requisites for his future creative endeavors and subsequently achieved success in the business world as the founder of Ego Id, Inc. (a creative marketing, design, and product manufacturing firm) so that his art would have a completely controlled environment of creation, reproduction and distribution. Yuransky opened Zedism Gallery in November 2006 and founded the School of Zedism shortly thereafter to showcase his collection of Zedist works, educate the public and teach the style to other artists. *Zedism is an aesthetic tuning fork of current western culture and heralds a prophetic glimpse into the "virtual" world of fine art, scientific progress, digital information systems and human global interaction.

Kevin Freitas - Jim Yuransky